IAAD/ Bravery Bar Workshop at Milan design week

Mending for Good collaborated with IAAD (Istituto d’Arte Applicata e Design) and Fashion Revolution at the ‘Bravery Bar’ events in Milan to host an engaging and practical workshop aimed at promoting sustainable fashion practices through reuse, mend, upcycling and fostering creativity among students during the Design Week 2022.

  • Collaborative Spirit: our collaboration with IAAD, Fashion Revolution and the Bravery Bar event exemplifies our shared commitment to fostering a culture of sustainability and creativity within the fashion industry. By bringing together passionate individuals and providing them with a platform to learn, collaborate, and innovate, we aim to inspire positive change and shape a more sustainable future for fashion.
  • Skilled Knitting Master: we brought a highly experienced knitting master to lead the workshop sessions, expertise, and guiding participants through hands-on craft activities. 
  • Introductory Talk: prior to the workshop sessions, we kicked off the event with an informative talk that set the stage for a deeper understanding of upcycling principles. 

Our common objective is to empower individuals to embrace sustainable fashion practices and harness the power of creativity to make a meaningful impact on the world.