YNAP/ Infinity Week 2023 Workshops

Mending for Good collaborated with the company to design and organize a set of practical and inspirational workshops held during the Yoox Infinity Week 2023 in their site of Milan and Bologna. The immersive experience focused on the mending culture and personal creative expression.

  • Artistic Direction: we designed a creative and engaging workshop program focused on sustainable fashion practices and garment mending techniques.
  • Organisation: we selected skilled artisans to lead the workshop sessions, which covered a range of topics including repair and mending through free stitching, creative mending, and embroidery. We provided all necessary materials and creative resources for the participants and supported their learning process. 
  • Execution: over the course of the workshop, we facilitated hands-on activities and discussions to empower participants with practical skills and knowledge in mending and preserving their preloved garments, supervising, and managing the 2 days works held for different groups in total more than 120 employees from the YNAP group.
  • Feedback analysis of the employee: we conducted an analysis of feedback to assess the effectiveness of the program and gather insights for future initiatives. 

Our common mission is to educate people to a new concept of fashion based on the DIY care of garments, rediscover artisanal techniques to take care of them and having our garments lasting longer.