8 by Yoox/ Knitted with Care collection

Mending for Good has collaborated with the brand to create the upcycled knitwear collection “Knitted with care” – a no gender capsule collection built on 8 by Yoox available stock.

  • Creative Innovation: we proposed a creative and technical concept to upcycle stock pieces from the brand, employing manual techniques to rework on a modular model different pieces from past collections.
  • Artisan engagement: we selected the knit knowledgeable artisans whose craftsmanship would elevate every garment with manual work made of hand embroidery, deconstruction and reconstruction, free stitching.
  • Supervision and coordination: we oversaw each stage of production, ensuring seamless collaboration among artisans and the brand requests with meticulous attention to details and quality.
  • Co-labeling: we have sealed the collaboration through a hand tag talking about the collaboration. 

Our common mission was to work through upcycling on a scale to show that upcycling production can be scalable.