8 by Yoox/ 8 by Merry Lamb Lamb collection

Mending for Good collaborated with 8 by YOOX on the collection ‘8 by Merry Lamb Lamb,’ in which pieces were reworked in accordance with the creative concept of Merry Lamb Lamb, a Hong Kong electronic music artist. Merry Lamb Lamb was commissioned to create a special upcycling collection in celebration of the New Chinese Lunar Year: the Year of the Rabbit.

  • Product Development: We worked closely with the product team at 8 by YOOX to analyze the creative concept and identify various techniques required for the project.
  • Artisan Engagement: We selected skilled artisans to work on different techniques and steps of the collection, among which patchworking, deconstruction and creative reconstruction, various print techniques, machine embroidery and applique.
  • Supervision and Support: We provided creative and technical guidance throughout the product development process, ensuring each technique was executed with high quality standards.
  • Production Coordination: We oversaw creative processes and coordinated production across multiple laboratories to ensure seamless execution.
  • Co-marketing: shared communication to promote the upcycling concept and highlight the ‘Made in Italy’ production.

Our shared mission was to facilitate sustainable production practices through innovative designs. Together, we aim to address the challenges of circular models and promote a more sustainable future.