Atelier Emé/ Re-Love Collection

Mending for good has collaborated with the brand to create the Re-love capsule collection— an array of one of a kind upcycled wedding dresses, each a testament to timeless beauty and sustainable fashion.

  • Creative Innovation: we proposed a visionary concept to upcycle archive pieces from the brand, employing artisanal techniques to breathe new life into each garment
  • Artisan engagement: with great care, we handpicked skilled artisans whose craftsmanship would elevate every garment
  • Supervision and coordination: we oversaw each stage of production, ensuring seamless collaboration among artisans and the brand requests with meticulous attention to details and quality
  • Empowering Through Education: through on-the-job training initiatives, we shared invaluable artisanal knowledge with textile social cooperatives, fostering skill development and community empowerment
  • Compelling story-telling: embracing the power of co-marketing, we crafted effective narrative through videos of the work steps and testimonials

Our common mission was to redefine elegance, marrying style through upcycling.