UAL – London College of Fashion

Mending for Good has partnered with London College of Fashion, UAL, to provide craft skills to marginalised communities at Poplar Works and HMP Donwview.

As an activity within the Making for Change Training and Manufacturing Unit of London College of Fashion, UAL, Mending for Good implements  high-level training in knitwear creative embroidery and mending, while delivering more sustainable, circular models of production by applying innovative craft solutions to overproduction in fashion.

Making for Change was founded to provide women from marginalized communities the opportunity to build their skills and self-confidence whilst being in a safe and supportive professional environment. Making for Change is an award-winning programme by London College of Fashion, UAL, which aims to reimagine the local and hyperlocal textile garment production industry, by focusing on material efficiency, zero waste practice, repair and reuse of garments and recycling of textile waste as part of the training and manufacturing programme.