We are aware that the only solution for our future is to produce less and better.

We believe that professional and personal relationships must care for the well being of the planet and people.

We believe it is time for a gentle revolution: mending a system, to build positive change, with care and for good.

honest fashion manifesto

For mending for good Honest fashion means:

  1. Give dignity to the people behind the goods through the recognition of the value of their work
  2. Respect our planet, producing less and virtuously repurpose waste and excess stock of the fashion supply chain
  3. Be transparent regarding processes, work methodology and the supply chain
  4. Create a cooperative network sharing experiences and professional knowledge to evolve together and improve the fashion system
  5. Research certified raw materials, organic and recycled as the main choice of production
  6. Preserve artisanal traditions, celebrating know-how, manual techniques, authenticity and the made in.
  7. Use creativity as a tool to create positive change; see contemporary design as a path towards the bond between ethics and aesthetics
  8. Caring as a daily revolutionary act, taking care of our clothes to create longevity and reuse
  9. Cultivate kindness as a vision for a new world
  10. Always demand social justice

We believe in a definitive and irreversible change that has no alternative to that of being HONEST

Mending for Good acts to create an honest environment.

We rethink collaborations and systems strictly using textile waste and excess stock as a creative resource reworked from the skilled hands of artisans, linking craftsmanship and antique techniques to contemporary design.

We support social justice as we believe in the healing power of craft, this is why our network is made of social cooperatives, high-quality workshops, that use craft to promote a path of rebirth that involves beauty and self-respect obtained through making.