Who we are

Mending for Good was conceived by Barbara Guarducci with Alessandra Favalli.

The team has been involved in the fashion and textiles industries for over twenty years. Barbara, as creative director, has successfully linked social craft projects to mainstream fashion. Alessandra serves as the purpose manager for social enterprises and brands. Their “interwoven” skills and knowledge ensure the successful execution of original repurposing projects for established fashion brands and independent designers.

Barbara Guarducci

Barbara Guarducci is an accomplished Creative Director based in Italy, specializing in textile design and craft projects. She has overseen a diverse range of projects worldwide in collaboration with UN agencies and NGOs. Her innovative and ethical collaborations connect artisans with the fashion industry, fostering opportunities for socially marginalized individuals through high craftsmanship. As part of her longterm consultancy for the Zegna Foundation, she partners with the textile department of San Patrignano (Italy’s visionary restorative rehab center) and has facilitated bespoke collaborations with numerous international industry leaders. Barbara also lectures on ‘honest fashion’ at various universities globally, serves as a professor at Kent State University Florence campus, and contributes to View and Viewpoint color magazines on trend forecasting. Her passion and determination to create visionary projects that drive social impact and positive change in fashion make Barbara an inspiration and a driving force behind Mending for Good.

Alessandra Favalli

Alessandra Favalli is a strategic marketeer with a diverse background in marketing and sustainability. She began her career at Ford and later held the position of marketing manager in prominent international corporations. In 2011, she embarked on a transformative journey by attending one of the pioneering Masters programs on Sustainability. Over the years, Alessandra has served as a marketing and sustainability strategist. Notable collaborations include Progetto Quid, a social enterprise that empowers women with disadvantaged backgrounds, and DèPio Italian Factory, a hosiery company actively involved in supporting artists and preserving Italy’s cultural heritage. She collaborates as a lecturer with various universities and contributes her expertise as part of the team of UNECE (United Nations Economic Commission for Europe) experts on traceability in textile upcycling. Alessandra’s multifaceted professional experiences equip her with the necessary tools to tackle the challenges encountered in the projects undertaken by Mending for Good.